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St. Matthias, apostle, martyr + 24.February 80

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+Æthelberht of Kent
+Modest (Bishop of Trier)
+Sergius of Cappadocia

    Sixth Sunday after the Epiphany

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    If you choose, you can keep the commandments, and to act faithfully is a matter of your own choice.

    He has placed before you fire and water; stretch out your hand for whichever you choose.

    Before each person are life and death, and whichever one chooses will be given.

    For great is the wisdom of the Lord; he is mighty in power and sees everything;

    his eyes are on those who fear him, and he knows every human action.

    He has not commanded anyone to be wicked, and he has not given anyone permission to sin.

    —Sirach 15.15-20


    Sister Dorothy Stang, activist, environmentalist, martyr + 12. February 2005

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    WE beseech Thee, O Lord, according to Thy loving-kindness, have mercy upon the soul of Thy handmaiden Dorothy., and now that she is set free from the defilements of this mortal flesh, restore her to her heritage of everlasting salvation. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.


    +Damian of Alexandria

    +Julian the Hospitaller

    +Grant Wood

    +Immanuel Kant

    St. Cædmon of Whitby, shepherd, hymnographer + 11.February 680

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    Hail now the holder of heaven’s realm,
    That architect’s might, his mind’s many ways,
    Lord forever and father of glory,
    Ultimate crafter of all wonders,
    Holy Maker who hoisted the heavens
    To roof the heads of the human race,
    And fashioned land for the legs of man,
    Liege of the worldborn, Lord almighty.


    +Benedict of Aniane


    +Pope St. Gregory

    +Pope Paschal I

    +Our Lady of Lourdes



    +Sylvia Plath

    +Sergei Eisenstein

    +Léon Foucault

    +Johann Tobias Krebs

    +René Descartes

    St. Scholastica, virgin + 10. February 480

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    O God, to show us where innocence leads,

    you made the soul of your virgin Saint Scholastica

    soar to heaven like a dove in flight.

    Grant through her merits and her prayers

    that we may so live in innocence

    as to attain to joys everlasting.

    This we ask through our Lord Jesus Christ.





    +Pope Pius XI

    +Pope Leo XII

    +Feast of St Paul’s Shipwreck


    +Arthur Miller

    +Eugène Michel Antoniadi

    +Ernesto Teodoro Moneta

    +John William Waterhouse

    +King Baldwin III of Jerusalem

    St. Apollonia, virgin, martyr + 9.February 249

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    +Anne Catherine Emmerich

    +Ansbert of Rouen



    +Fyodor Dostoyevsky

    Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots + 8. February 1587

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    + Jerome Emiliani

    + Saint Josephine Bakhita

    + Juventius of Pavia

    + Meingold of Huy

    + Étienne de Muray