St. Cædmon of Whitby, shepherd, hymnographer + 11.February 680

Hail now the holder of heaven’s realm,
That architect’s might, his mind’s many ways,
Lord forever and father of glory,
Ultimate crafter of all wonders,
Holy Maker who hoisted the heavens
To roof the heads of the human race,
And fashioned land for the legs of man,
Liege of the worldborn, Lord almighty.


+Benedict of Aniane


+Pope St. Gregory

+Pope Paschal I

+Our Lady of Lourdes



+Sylvia Plath

+Sergei Eisenstein

+Léon Foucault

+Johann Tobias Krebs

+René Descartes


2 Responses to “St. Cædmon of Whitby, shepherd, hymnographer + 11.February 680”

  1. Grace Shearer Says:

    I am attempting to find a book or anything else I can on St Caedmon. I am also looking for an Icon if anyone knows of one.

    My son’s middle name is after him & I would dearly love anything I can get,

    Thank you –
    In Christ +

    • forgive my late reply.

      here you can find the story of brother cædmon– it’s from the venerable bede’s ecclesiastical history of the english people

      as for an icon, i imagine trinity would probably have one. or look for an abbey or monastery named for st cædmon and they will surely sell you an icon.

      brightest of blessings!

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