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Feast of the Holy Prophet Eli-Jah + 20.July

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Tenor: See, now he sleepeth beneath a juniper tree in the wilderness!


And there the angels of the Lord encamp round about all them that fear Him.


26. Angels: Lift thine eyes, O lift thine eyes to the mountains, whence cometh help.


Thy help cometh from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth.


He hath said, thy foot shall not be moved. Thy Keeper will never slumber.


27. Chorus: He, watching over Israel, slumbers not, nor sleeps.


Shouldst thou, walking in grief, languish, He will quicken thee.


28. Elijah: Night falleth round me, O Lord! Be Thou not far from me!


Hide not Thy face, O Lord, from me; My soul is thirsting for Thee, as a thirsty land.


Angel: Arise, now! Get thee without! Stand on the mount before the Lord:


For there His glory will appear, and shine on thee!


Thy face must be veiled, for He draweth near.


29. Chorus: Behold, God the Lord passed by!


And a mighty wind rent the mountains around, Brake in pieces the rocks, brake them before the Lord.


But yet the Lord was not in the tempest. Behold, God the Lord passed by!


And the sea was upheaved, and the earth was shaken. But yet the Lord was not in the earthquake.


And after the earthquake there came a fire. But yet the Lord was not in the fire.


And after the fire there came a still small voice. And in that still voice onward came the Lord.


30. Chorus: Go, return upon thy way! For the Lord yet hath left Him seven thousand in Israel,


Knees which have not bowed to Baal. Go, return upon thy way! Thus the Lord commandeth.


Elijah: I go on my way in the strength of the Lord, For Thou art my Lord; and I will suffer for Thy sake.


My heart is therefore glad, my glory rejoiceth; and my flesh shall also rest in hope.


31. Elijah: For the mountains shall depart, and the hills be removed;


But Thy kindness shall not depart from me; neither shall the covenant of Thy peace be removed.

(From the libretto of Mendelssohn’s Elijah oratorio)