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R.I.P. John Brown, abolitionist, martyr + 2.December 1859

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Elizabeth Cady Stanton, suffragist, abolitionist + 26.October 1902

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Henry David Thoreau + 6.May 1862

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Great God, I ask for no meaner pelf
Than that I may not disappoint myself,
That in my action I may soar as high
As I can now discern with this clear eye.

And next in value, which thy kindness lends,
That I may greatly disappoint my friends,
Howe’er they think or hope that it may be,
They may not dream how thou’st distinguished me.

That my weak hand may equal my firm faith
And my life practice what my tongue saith
That my low conduct may not show
Nor my relenting lines
That I thy purpose did not know
Or overrated thy designs.

Sojourner Truth, abolitionist + 26.November 1883

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Father Abraham has spoken, and the message has been sent;

The prison doors have opened, and out the prisoners went

To join the sable army of African descent,

As we go marching on.

Frederick Douglass, abolitionist + 22.February (transferred)

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