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St Matthias + 24.February 80

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St. Matthias, apostle, martyr + 24.February 80

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+Æthelberht of Kent
+Modest (Bishop of Trier)
+Sergius of Cappadocia

    Matthias, apostle + 14.May

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    Matthias, apostle + 24. February

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    In God’s design it fell upon thee

    to assume the place of the unfortunate

    Judas Iscariot

    who betrayed his Master.

    Thou warest selected by

    the twofold sign–  thy

    uprightness of Life

    & the Voice of Holy Ghost.

    Obtain the Grace

    for us to keep

    the same uprightness of Life;

    to be called

    by the self-same Ghost

    wholeheartedly bound to the

    holiest dogmata

    of Mother Church.

    After a life of zeal & good works

    let us be ushered into thy company

    in heaven, forever singing

    the Hymn of Father, Son,

    and Holy Ghost.


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    +St Quivox